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Frequently asked questions about Auto Glass

Will Abra Auto Glass walk through the insurance claims process with me?

We take pride in holding your hand from the second you notice you have broken or chipped auto glass. We coordinate between claims, the 3rd party administrator and more. We will take care of everything for you. 

Once my Glass Technician arrives with my new glass replacement, how long will the replacement process take?

One of our phone representatives can provide you a general idea of timing for a new installation. Windshield calibrations for a newer vehicle can lead to variable installation time frames. If timing is a concern please advise the representative upon scheduling your mobile auto glass service. 

How long does a windshield chip fix take?

Upon arrival if the Glass Technician deems your chip repairable most windshield chips are repairable within 30 minutes. If your Technician deems the chip is not repairable, our team will do everything they can to take care of your replacement as soon as possible. 

What is my total turnaround time for glass replacement?

At Abra Auto Glass we try our best to take care of clients within their schedule and time frame. Under ideal circumstances we can service your vehicle within 24 hours of your call.

How much will my auto glass cost to replace or repair if I have full coverage on my auto glass?

You should never see a bill from Abra Auto Glass if you have full glass coverage. We follow all specifications set by your insurance agency without over charging. We work closely with all insurance agencies to make sure you are taken care of from the beginning. Should there be any outside fee's you will be notified at the time of scheduling your service. 

It's cold in Minnesota and Western Wisconsin, how do I get my auto glass replaced in the winter?

Our Technicians can come onsite to handle your auto glass replacements and repairs:

  • Above 20F
  • If you have a heated garage with optimal space
  • Or Abra offers shop installations at all of our Abra Collision Center locations. 
Is there a warranty after installation?

Of course, view our warranty here