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Mobile or In-Shop Windshield Replacement

July 20, 2020


​Picture this scenario, you are on the road heading to the store for your weekly grocery visit. You're driving behind a semi, hauling who knows what, when all of a sudden you hear a thud followed by the horror of a crack emerging in your windshield. As if you're seeing it all in slow motion, you sit there numb, unable to avoid the inevitable that’s happening, and you’re left with a shattered windshield… Now, what do you do?

We’re sure that many of you have found yourself in a situation very similar to the one above. In fact, it’s much more common than you may think. If you are facing this same dilemma and are stuck wondering what to do next, we’re excited to share a little tip with you.

The next time you're on the road and run into a problem with your auto glass, call Abra Auto and we will come to you! To make it even sweeter, did we mention that we come to you for free? That’s right, you heard us, our mobile auto glass service is FREE!

We are dedicated to our promise of making your experience easy and hassle-free which is exactly why we created our mobile glass service. Our staff prides themselves in alleviating stress and making a not so great situation an easy one for each and every customer.

Even if you aren’t in the need for a mobile auto glass replacement and just notice the beginning of a crack in your windshield, you can always make an appointment to help prevent the nightmare of a shattered windshield. We are here for you with whatever auto glass service you may need and are ready to stand by you along the entire journey.

No matter where you are or what you need, Abra Auto is here to provide quality workmanship, superior service, and dedication to detail in everything that we do!