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​How do I know if my cracked windshield should be repaired or replaced?

February 8, 2022

Your windshield sees a lot of worlds, from debris to weather its no small job getting from point A to point B. A cracked windshield should be dealt with as soon as the issue is noticed. A broken windshield is an immediate safety concern as there is no predictability in expansion of the broken glass. Depending on the auto insurance policy selected by you, don’t fret your windshield may be covered.
3 signs you need a new windshield:
  1. The crack is larger than a fifty cent piece.
  2. The windshield chip or crack went halfway through the windshield in depth.
  3. The windshield chip/crack extends touching the outside edge of the windshield.
An auto glass professional can assist in deciding on replacement or repair of your windshield.
**Buyer beware of scams associated with auto glass professionals that claim they do “free” or “discounted” windshield replacement.