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Has your car been broken into?

August 3, 2021

  1. Document the scene, take photos and/or videos of the damage in the case that you need it later for an insurance claim.
  2. Notify police by calling 911, a police report may be necessary later on to protect your identity.
  3. If your wallet or purse has been stolen, notify your bank to protect your debit & credit cards. It is important to act quickly on this.
  4. Consider whether or not to file an insurance claim. Homeowners insurance may cover stolen belongings while your auto insurance may cover any damage to your vehicle.
  5. Call ABRA to have the broken window replaced. Same day and next day service except weekends. Phone (866) 884-2272 or email we can also Assist you with the Insurance processes
  6. Stop thieves from using your credit with a call to one of the three credit bureaus to place a fraud alert.
  7. Check your bank statements and credit reports for unusual activity. Use the three bureaus above for free credit checks. This should not be done more than once a year as more activity may affect your credit score.
  8. If you had your Social Security Card stolen, you will need to replace it. A police report may be helpful in this case.
  9. Replace your drivers license. You may need a utility bill and/or birth certificate for identification.
  10. Have a locksmith change your locks if your keys were taken. Change garage codes if the opener is lost.
  11. Consider buying identity theft protection to help monitor any activity. Prices are around $100.00 a year.